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Industrial Foam

We're not just a corrugated box company! We provide fabricated foam products to a variety of industries and applications, and we support those projects with a network of converting partners and an experienced Foam Product Specialist.

Foam Materials Include

A piece of industrial foam for packaging custom made by Universal Packaging by die cutting.


Universal Packaging employee water jet cutting a piece of foam for a packaging need.

Water-Jet Cutting

A computer generated image of skiving which is a process that Universal Packaging uses to create foam packaging for businesses.


A picture showing Universal Packaging routering a custom foam packaging solution.


Two pieces of convoluted foam that are used to pad items inside of a box so they do not become damaged when being shipped.

Convoluted PU Foam

These are 2 pieces of anti-static foam used when shipping electronic items to eliminate any static electricity from ruining the product.

Die-Cut Anti-Stat Foam

A Universal Packaging employee heat welding some industrial foam for a custom packaging need.

Heat Welding

This image shows foam inside of a wooden crate box to pad the inside for shipping.

Kitting - Gluing/attaching foam to corrugated, wood, plastic returnables

This is a piece of PE Foam that Universal Packaging offers as a packaging solution.

PE Foams, both plank and rolls

Foam Die Cut 8.22.2022.jpg

EPE Foams for Class A Surface (Automotive)


Cross-Linked Foams for Class A Surface (Automotive)


PE Foam, Traditional and Anti-Stat


EPS Foam, both fabricated and molded


EDPM Foams, Gasketing, Acoustical

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