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Who Are We

Then and Now

In 1975 John Houser and Charlie Muse left successful corrugated sales careers with Owens Illinois (now known as PCA) to open a corrugated sheet plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Friends since the age of 12, John and Charlie started Piedmont Packaging with a small warehouse, a slitter to produce corrugated pads, and a used delivery truck.  In the beginning, they ran the slitter and they drove the truck & delivered the pads.  Their gift & talent for selling, their commitment to relentless service, and the culture of caring for their people, led the company to consistent growth over the next 20 years, at which time the company was sold.   


In 1996, John and Charlie started Universal Packaging with the intention of operating a small packaging distribution business out of a 21,000 square foot warehouse in Duncan, SC.  “Universal” because they would now offer and sell more than corrugated packaging, with a heavy focus on warehousing and same-day/next-day service.  


Today, 25+ years later and still privately owned, Universal Packaging operates two locations in Spartanburg County, with 150,000+ square feet, serving a diverse customer base across the Carolina’s.  While corrugated packaging continues to be our primary business, our product offerings and expertise now also include poly film & bags, a broad mix of industrial foam, custom wood crates & pallets, protective non-woven material & bags, and assembly & kitting.  Sales, Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Warehouse Operations, and our inside Customer Service team are dedicated to making your packaging life easy. 


In 1975, the foundation of our company culture and core values was established; it was based on a “Spirit of Cooperation” that included caring for our people, and in turn caring for our customers with a commitment of “Relentless Service.” This legacy and approach to serving our customers continues to define who we are today!


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